Fox News Pundit Stephen Hayes Badgers Donald Trump over McCain Comments

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks to reporters before addressing the Rep
AP Photo/Danny Johnston

Stephen Hayes, of The Weekly Standard and a Fox News contributor and pundit, bombarded GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at a press conference following Trump’s speech at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa on Saturday—controlling the media availability and yelling as he argued with Trump.

Breitbart News captured part of the exchange on video, and it turns out Hayes was the pundit badgering Trump about his comment on McCain.

During his speech Trump was asked about Sen. John McCain’s comment calling Trump supporters crazy, with Trump in return saying McCain insulted him.

After a series of other reporters asked Trump questions about his feud with McCain, Hayes asked Trump: “You said John McCain—you said you like people who didn’t get captured…”

“No, no I do like people who get captured and I like people who don’t get captured—“ Trump started to respond before Hayes cut him off.

“Are you blaming McCain for his capture?” Hayes interrupted.

“I am saying that John McCain has not done a good job—“ Trump began to answer again before Hayes cut him off again.

“No that’s not what you said,” Hayes interrupted. “That’s not my question. Are you blaming John McCain for his capture?”

“I’m not blaming John McCain—“ Trump began to answer before Hayes cut him off again.

“Why would you say—“

“Excuse me,” Trump continued his answer. “If he gets captured, he gets captured. They’re brave men because they were in the field.”

Hayes, still unsatisfied, cut Trump off again.

“You said you like people who don’t get captured—it’s a simple question,” Hayes said.

“I do like people—what? The people who don’t get captured, I’m not supposed to like?” Trump said. “I like people that don’t get captured and I respect the people who do get captured.”

Hayes interrupted yet again.

“Why would you say that in the context of John McCain?” Hayes asked, speaking over Trump.

“Excuse me, excuse me,” Trump started answering again. “I like the people that don’t get captured. You have many people that didn’t get captured. They’re great. You have people that did get captured. I respect them greatly also. What, I’m not supposed to respect the people that didn’t get captured?”

Hayes, still unsatisfied, interrupted again.

“Are you suggesting that John McCain did something to lead to his capture?” Hayes asked.

“Of course not,” Trump replied before Hayes cut him off another time.

“Why would you say what you said?” Hayes asked again.

“Go back to being a pundit,” Trump replied.

This isn’t the first time Hayes and Trump had a hot exchange. In a previous appearance in April, Hayes called Trump a “conservative of convenience” and a “clown.”



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