Marc Lamont Hill: HuffPo’s Decision to Cover Trump as Entertainment ‘Disrespects’ Voters

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” while discussing The Huffington Post’s decision to put any coverage of Republican presidential candidate and billionaire business mogul Donald Trump on the entertainment page instead of the politics page, HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill said it was, ” condescending,” and “disrespects the voters.”

Hill said, “The justification is this is not a serious campaign. That it is disrespectful to the voters. It is disrespectful to the public. And as a result it makes more sense to be on the entertainment page. That is what he wants. He wants to be a sideshow.”

He continued, “I disagree with that position, I believe that if he’s leading — even if he’s not leading the polls, he’s in a national presidential election, he belongs on the politics page. I think it disrespects the voters. I think it is condescending. I think it absolutely does the opposite of what we’re supposed to do in media. We’re not supposed to be picking winners and losers, here. We’ve had this debate at Huffpost Live. It’s not a secret. I said what if he wins? At this point we look silly by not putting it in politics because he’s a politician. Let him run out.”

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