Trump: I’ve ‘Evolved On a Lot,’ Wasn’t Asked About Politics As a Businessman

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated, “I’ve evolved on a lot of different things” and that as a businessman he wasn’t asked questions about his political positions in an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s “AC 360” on CNN.

After host Anderson Cooper said that he thinks other candidates will accuse Trump of flip-flopping, Trump said, “Well, you know who else flip-flopped? A man named, my favorite, Ronald Reagan. He was a Democrat. He became a Republican.”

Cooper then stated that Trump was “pro-choice.” Trump maintained that he stated he hated “the concept of abortion.” He continued, “I’m a businessman. They’re talking to me as a businessman about things like abortion. Nobody ever even asked me questions like that. But, if you look at that clip, and let it run, I talk about how I hate the concept. I went on forever about it. But nobody would ask me questions. You know, it’s sort of like a question you don’t ask a guy. I build buildings, they’re not asking me about am I pro-choice am I pro-life, what am I? But, yeah, I don’t use the word flip, I’ve evolved on a lot of different things.”

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