Ask Carly: Taxes


Jason Sweeney, Tigard, Oregon asks:

The Federal Tax Code is a disgusting embarrassment of needless complexity. Will you commit to overhauling the Tax Code with a replacement that makes tax compliance simple for the average tax payer? What is your plan?

Carly Fiorina:

A disgusting embarrassment? I like it, I agree! In fact, our tax code is now 70,000 pages long. So what does that mean? It means that only big companies, wealthy, powerful, well-connected people can understand that tax code and can hire the accountants and the lawyers to take advantage of all that complexity. That’s called crony capitalism.

So we need to go from a 70,000-page tax code to about a three-page tax code. From my point of view, the blueprint for doing that, for that tremendous simplification is a point of view that says “lower every rate, close every loophole.” The truth is, most loopholes in the tax code today add needed complexity and they advantage the wealthy, or the powerful, or the big, or the well-connected, not Americans who are trying to understand how to do their tax code without somebody trying to help them understand it.

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