Steyn: Trump’s Rise Shows GOP Base ‘Absolutely Hates’ Leadership

Columnist and author of “The Undocumented,” Mark Steyn said Donald Trump’s rise in the polls shows “the voter base of the Republican Party absolutely hates the Republican Party leadership and establishment” on Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

Steyn stated, “Rand Paul says this is temporary insanity on the part of whatever it is, 20-something percent of the Republican base. I think it was Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, and expecting a different result, and the base supported the Republican Party establishment, delivered them a huge victory in 2010 in the House, and a huge victory in the House and Senate in 2014, and got nothing to show for it. And they’re tired of stiffed by the Republican Party establishment. And I think Trump’s rise in the poll, reflects actually nothing more sophisticated than the fact that the voter base of the Republican Party absolutely hates the Republican Party leadership and establishment.”

He continued, “I don’t think he’s a Herman Cain character. If you remember, Herman Cain was asked about Uzbekistan, and I don’t think he’d heard of the joint. … And Trump, in that sense, is actually much more on top the facts. And he has found a real issue that resonates. And if he is just a flash in the pan, then the guy who succeeds him will be someone who taps into that issue. Now, Rand Paul, Rand Paul is a very smart guy, but he takes refuge in the same cliches. He said, in part of that statement where he called Trump’s voters insane, he says Washington is broken. The problem is, that if you’re a Democrat, Washington isn’t broken. It works very effectively for you. … If Rand Paul wants to drive a stake through Donald Trump’s candidacy, he’s got to have a better answer for that than the one he gave today.”

Steyn also argued that Trump’s handling of some of his misstatements is “actually a lesson for other candidates, too. You know, the strangulated, constipated artificiality in which the candidates talk about things, where they say something mildly infelicitous, and then some spokesperson comes out and regrets that they misspoke. Trump basically does nothing but misspeak, and he never apologizes for it. Even the Hispanics don’t seem to mind him saying that Mexicans are just a bunch of rapists.”

Steyn also argued that Bernie Sanders would “thrash” Hillary Clinton in a debate, and that Hillary Clinton isn’t “nimble enough.”

He continued, “at some point, the Democratic Party mainstream, if they don’t want Bernie Sanders, they are going to have to clamp Joe Biden to the electrodes, and put a little bit of juice and life into him, and have Joe Biden run.”

Steyn concluded by saying of Hillary, “she’s dull as hell, she’s a bore, she’s a stiff, and she’s no good on the stump.”

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