Trump: Crimea Is ‘Europe’s Problem’ More Than Ours

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Crimea is “Europe’s problem, much more so than ours” in an interview with CNN broadcast on Friday.

Trump, in response to a question about what he would do with Crimea, answered, “this is Europe’s problem, much more so than ours, okay? And Europe isn’t complaining as much as we are. But this is more of a Europe problem. And when Europe comes to us and says ‘we want your help, we want your help.’ But, they’re not doing that. They’re dealing with Russia, they’re taking in the gas, they’re taking in the oil. They’re not doing that. We’re making a big deal out of it, but why isn’t Germany leading this one? You know, Germany is a very rich, very powerful nation. Why aren’t they dealing on it more so?”

Trump added that the US is “like the policeman of the world,” and “Europe should be fighting this, Europe should come to us, and say, ‘Listen, we want your help on this.’ We’re going to them. Why isn’t Europe more involved? Why isn’t Germany more bothered by this?”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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