Carly For President Tells Supporters Despite Fox News’ Top Ten, Fiorina Makes Breitbart’s Top Ten in GOP Field

Rex Features/AP
Rex Features/AP

A letter sent to GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s supporters on Monday reminded them that the top ten candidates will be announced Tuesday for the first GOP primary debate aired at 9 PM eastern on Fox News this Thursday.

Yet despite where Fiorina finishes in the ranking under Fox News’ calculations, she is in the top ten among conservatives according to a Breitbart News poll.

Carly For President’s National Finance Chairman Dr. Terry Neese wrote:

This campaign has exceeded expectations and we are executing our strategy. Our strategy has always been to focus on the long-game, on the ground game and to perform over time. The media and many of you are focused on this week’s debates. We’ve always acknowledged that debates are important to introduce Carly and speak to voters. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be using national polls to select the top 10—and many pollsters agree with me.

The other seven GOP candidates will participate in an earlier forum at 5 PM eastern prior to the 7 PM debate on Thursday.

The letter went on to say conservative activists have polled Fiorina in the top ten on news sites such as Breitbart, the Weekly Standard and National Review.

“This will be a long race. This will be a process of elimination before it becomes a process of selection. We know that what polls say in July or August does not predict what voters will say in 2016. We have built an operation that can go the distance and win,” Neese added.


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