Detroit ‘Santa’ Pulls 12 Gauge On Alleged Robber: ‘I Was Going To Shoot His A**’


On the morning of July 31 Ron Henrick heard someone “bust” into his home. Henrick grabbed a 12 gauge shotgun and said, “I was going to shoot his a**.”

Henrick is 72-year-old Redford Township resident who is known for dressing up as Santa every Christmas.

According to Click On Detroit, Henrick saw the alleged robber–“his own neighbor”–“stealing his TV.” So Henrick retrieved his shotgun, but the suspect allegedly through a stationary bike at him to knock him off balance and was able to escape.

Henrick said, “When he was coming at me, I was coming at him with the gun. He grabbed (the bike) and threw it at me and I (closed the door) and it tore up everything. Lucky I did that, because it probably would’ve killed me.”

He said the alleged robber also tried to get into the garage, where Henrick keeps a 1933 Plymouth. Asked what he would do if the suspect returned for the car, Henrick said, “He’s a dead man. I’ll get him, because this is my pride right here.”

The suspect was jailed and linked to another home invasion “in which he [allegedly] stole a TV on the same street.”

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