Armed Homeless Man Intervenes, Saves Woman Under Attack


On August 6, an armed homeless man intervened, saving a woman who had been thrown to ground where she was allegedly being beaten and kicked by her ex-boyfriend.

The incident occurred outside a liquor store in Fresno, California.

According to ABC 30, the homeless man—Paul DeLeon—said he saw the attack and had to act. He said, “I mean he was kicking her hard too, right in the head, and I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing.”

The man allegedly hit the woman so hard he knocked her unconscious.

DeLeon was carrying mace and a gun. He ran up to the alleged attacker and maced him, ending the attack on the woman while enraging the attacker all the more. DeLeon said the man drove off but “said something like, ‘I am coming back to get you,’ and he did.”

An ambulance picked up the woman, and just as it left, the alleged attacker returned with a gun to seek revenge on DeLeon. “He opened fire on DeLeon, hitting him in the arm. But DeLeon is a registered gun owner himself and he fired back, chasing the suspect away.”

Police later spotted the suspect’s white Lexus speeding down the highway and then “found it abandoned near Downtown Fresno.”

The alleged attacker had fled the vehicle, but DeLeon was happy the woman was alive. “He probably would’ve killed her,” DeLeon said. “I mean, I have no doubt in my mind he wouldn’t have stopped. She was out of it and he was still kicking her.”

Police praised DeLeon for intervening to save the woman’s life but made sure to point out they believe it is best to call 911 for help.

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