Univision Not Satisfied with Fox News’s GOP Debate

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Spanish-language TV Network Univision seems bothered about the first Republican presidential debate because, according to them, comprehensive immigration reform was not addressed by the 17 candidates who participated in the debates on Fox News.

In reality, all of the candidates that were asked about immigration answered the questions by stating what they would do about the problem of illegal immigration.

The issue Univision has is that the candidates did not give the answers to the immigration questions they were looking for.

Most, if not all, of the candidates stated that securing the U.S.-Mexican border should be done first and that illegal immigration was illegal, and all U.S. laws had to be obeyed, including immigration laws.

Donald Trump, who blew up the illegal immigration debate when he first announced his candidacy, added that a wall must be erected to keep criminals and drugs out of the U.S.

Univision was fine with former Governor Jeb Bush’s 6-point plan to address illegal immigration, stating that he was the only candidate to promote an actual comprehensive immigration reform plan.

Bush sounded hawkish on immigration, saying that all aspects of illegal immigration needed to be reformed, including bolstering the U.S. southern border, finding common ground in a work visa program, all why saying that he does not support “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

Univision has openly supported the push to legalize all illegal immigrants already living in the U.S.


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