Bobby Jindal Fires Back Against Hillary Clinton Email Attack


Republican presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal is snapping back after the Hillary Clinton campaign accused him of his own improper use of government email.

Clinton campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri sent out a defensive email to supporters Wednesday after Clinton turned over thumb drives containing emails that she sent on a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. In the email, Palmieri attacked the use of email by Republican candidates.
“It’s worth noting, many of the Republican candidates for president have done the same things for which they’re now criticizing Hillary,” Palmieri wrote. “As governor, Jeb Bush owned his own private server and his staff decided which emails he turned over as work-related from his private account. Bobby Jindal went a step further, using private email to communicate with his immediate staff but refusing to release his work-related emails. Scott Walker and Rick Perry had email issues themselves.”
But Jindal says there’s no comparison. In a statement provided to Breitbart News, the Louisiana governor’s press secretary Shannon Dirmann shot back at Palmieri.

“We followed the law and comply with all public records requests — which cannot be said about Secretary Clinton, who swore to protect the United States and its interests, but instead chose to be reckless with classified documents and our national security. She is one e-mail away from going to jail,” Dirmann wrote.