Greta van Susteren to Chris Christie: I Got It Wrong on the Hug

Getty image

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren apologized to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during her show for saying that he hugged Obama. Referring to a photo of Christie and President Obama after Hurricane Sandy, Van Susteren admitted that she now realized that he wasn’t actually hugging the president.

“You know I looked at it last night and I said, that’s no hug and I gotta say I’m sorry about the hug,” she said, admitting it was a rare apology from a member of the media.

“Well thank you Greta, I appreciate that,” Christie replied, pointing out that it was in fact a handshake in the photo, not a hug.

“I think that’s what civilized people do when someone comes to your state to offer help,” Christie said about that fateful day. “You shake their hand and you welcome them – which is what I did.”

Christie defended himself for welcoming Obama to the state after the disaster, saying he acted as a “principled leader” by his actions after Hurricane Sandy.

Van Susteren agreed, “Obviously I don’t like to get it wrong, and I think it was time to interfere on that so-called hug,” she said.

“Thanks Greta, I appreciate it,” Christie replied.

After apologizing to Christie, Van Susteren showed a slow-motion video of Christie’s greeting of the president at their airport after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

“After looking at the picture and the video I concluded there was no hug,” she stated. “I see a handshake and the president putting his hand on Governor Christie’s shoulder. “No hug.”


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