Planned Parenthood Inspection Reveals Aborted Babies Burned as ‘Bio-Hazard Medical Waste’

Planned Parenthood abortion

An investigation ordered by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) has revealed that Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in his state are sending aborted babies to be incinerated with other “bio-hazard medical waste.”

Following the release last month of the first undercover investigative video showing top level Planned Parenthood medical executives discussing the potential sale of body parts of aborted babies, Pence ordered the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) to investigate the affiliates of the abortion group in his state.

Local ABC affiliate RTV6 reports that ISDH inspection forms show visits to three Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics where abortions are performed: Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Merrillville.

Clinic staff interviews revealed the aborted babies were incinerated with other “bio-hazard medical waste.”

“State health inspectors found the complaints of harvesting were unsubstantiated, and there was a lack of sufficient evidence,” states the news report.

President of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky Betty Cockrum, complained of the negative attention given to her organization on Indianapolis This Week on Sunday.

“I think it’s fair to describe it as being under siege,” she said. “It’s a daily relentless effort, and it’s certainly a focused one at this point.”

“And one has to believe that it’s politically motivated,” she continued. “It certainly isn’t in the best interest of the people across the country who are served by Planned Parenthood.”

As Breitbart News reported in April of 2014, authorities in Victoria, British Columbia, revealed that the remains of aborted babies are disposed of in the United States and sent to a facility that burns waste to provide electric power for Oregon residents.

Marion County, Oregon, commissioners, however, approved an order to stop the incinerator from using aborted babies to generate power. The order stated the incinerator must stop accepting medical waste until procedures are in place to ensure aborted babies are not among the substances burned to produce electricity.

The Oregon incinerator is a partnership between the county and Covanta, a New Jersey-based company that operates energy-from-waste power generation plants. The plant sells the power to Portland General Electric.

“No rule or law has been broken, but there’s an ethical standard that’s been broken,” said Sam Brentano, a Marion County commissioner.

A spokesperson with the British Columbia Health Ministry said regional health authorities have a contract with waste management firm Stericycle, which sends biomedical waste, including aborted babies, cancerous tissue, and amputated limbs to the Oregon facility.

Stericycle, which is based in Lake Forest, Illinois, has been criticized by pro-life groups because of its practice of disposing of aborted babies collected from abortion clinics.

Similarly, in March of 2014, Breitbart London reported that 15,500 aborted babies were incinerated to provide power for Britain’s NHS hospitals. The Department of Health, however, ultimately banned the practice.


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