I’m Appalled By The Latest Sexist Photoshop Craze, ‘Project Harpoon’


My attention has been drawn to the latest disgustingly misogynistic hate campaign on social media. It’s called “Thinner Beauty” – or “Project Harpoon” – and it aims to poke fun at overweight feminists. As you can imagine, I am appalled.

Thinner Beauty is a “humorous” internet project that criticises the feminist tradition of reimagining movie and video game stars in more realistic proportions. Reframing the male gaze-saturated worlds of Hollywood and vidya is a noble campaigned aimed at making fuller-figured ladies feel better about their quivering thighs and cellulite-ridden bingo wings.


Thinner Beauty/Project Harpoon turns the trend on its head by picking on celebrities and valiant feminist crusaders – who, of course, being too busy fighting the patriarchy on Twitter to make it to the gym, do occasionally end up carrying a little extra. The whiny entitled manbabies of Thinner Beauty then digitally slim down these cultural heroines to make them conform to stereotypical “ideals” of feminine beauty.

There are even tutorial videos teaching you how to make a woman look thinner, healthier and in prettier on YouTube which I do not recommend you view under any circumstances.

I’ve been looking through these images for the past hour, and the tears are already streaming down my face. I’m literally shaking with rage. Loath as I am to draw attention to these pathetic attempts to undermine women’s confidence, here they are.

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