Another 150 Clinton Emails With Classified Info Discovered; Email Dump Postponed Until Late Night

Democratic presidential candidate Clinton addresses union members as she tours the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas
REUTERS/David Becker

A new dump of some 6,000 Hillary Clinton emails was scheduled for Monday, but it was suddenly pushed back to late Monday night – first 6:00 PM Eastern time, and then shoved back again to 9:00 PM. Fox News reports the release will include at least one hundred and fifty more emails that somehow slipped onto Clinton’s notorious homebrew mail server with classified information.

Ed Henry of Fox News reported that the number of emails in the new release has increased to 7,000, while the number of messages that had to be redacted to protect classified material is more than double what was expected.  (The report is slightly confusing on this point, because Henry later suggests there are 150 more classified emails in addition to 63 that were already expected.)

Henry speculated that the timing of the release had to be pushed back twice to handle the high level of redactions… which is another feather in Hillary Clinton’s national-security cap, isn’t it?  The State Department has to scramble at the last minute to keep from inadvertently letting any of the classified information she jeopardized slip out to the public.

“The bottom line is, remember, back in March, Hillary Clinton told the American people at that news conference, there was no classified information on that server,” Henry reminded his audience.


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