Hispanic Female Cop Slams Democrats’ Anti-Cop Agenda


A Florida-based Hispanic policewoman with two small children slammed anti-cop, race-based political campaigns with an emotional video that championed America’s color-blind ideals.

“I swore an oath,” Miami-Dade officer Lydia Marquez said. “I swore that I was going to protect and serve all people, not blacks, not whites… the oath is color-blind,” she said Sept. 4.

Her eloquent statement cited the increased dangers facing cops amid the relentless campaign by progressive Democrats to anger their party’s African-American bloc prior to the 2016 elections. Since that campaign started in 2014, people in the “Black Lives Matter” movement have repeatedly urged the murder of cops and have vehemently denounced mainstream and left-wing color-blind advocates who say “All Lives Matter.”

Recently, at least three officers have been killed in terror-style, no-warning attacks.

“I am a police officer, I have been one for 20 years… I’m Hispanic, I’m female, a mom of two—a four year-old and a two-year old,” she said at the beginning of her short video.

“When I kiss my children in the morning before I go to work and tell them I love them, I don’t know if I’m going to be coming back at the end of the day,” she said. “Especially nowadays… it’s hard, it’s really hard,” she said.

“This morning, my son asked me, when he saw me getting ready for work, ‘Mommy, you going to work?’ and I said ‘Yes’… like a typical four-year-old asks the glorious question of ‘Why?’”

“I looked at him and I thought about it. I just thought [about] the news, how another officer was ambushed. I [had] spent most of the night thinking about doing this video, and right then and there I decided that I was going to do it.”

So “I answered my son, my four year-old, as my two-year old was next to him looking up at me, and I told them ‘Because Mommy cares. Mommy cares. I care.”

“We’re putting our lives out on the line here because we’re going to you because you need us, not knowing exactly what were going in to, and people don’t understand that,” she said into the camera.

“We don’t ask that dispatcher, ‘Hold on, wait, is this a black person who’s calling, is this a white person who’s calling?’ That doesn’t matter because we don’t care, we don’t care at all. It’s not about color, it’s not about any of that, it’s about the fact that all lives matter.”

“When you fill out any official document, for credit, a job, it asks you what your ethnicity is, it asks you what your gender is, it asks if you’re black, if you’re white, if you’re Hispanic, if you’re American-Indian, if you’re Asian, it asks you all those personal questions,” she said. “Yet, when you call 911, the person who answers the phone doesn’t stop you and ask you any of those questions, no, they ask you ‘What’s your emergency, how can we help you?’”

“I’m here. Why? Because I care. All lives matter, everyone’s life matters.”


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