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‘White Lives Matter’ Protest Features Racist Symbols in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas – A group marching under the banner of “White Lives Matter” took to the streets in front of the local NAACP headquarters in the city’s Third Ward claiming to stand for equal rights for all races. Their goal was to call out the NAACP for its inaction against groups that have called for the death of whites and white police officers. Their message, however, was diluted by symbols of racial bigotry.

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Memphis Police Director in Eulogy for Slain Officer: ‘We Are Not the Enemy’

In a moving tribute on Thursday—both to murdered Memphis police officer Sean Bolton and to law enforcement officers across the country, who increasingly find themselves under fire from the media and anti-police activist group Black Lives Matter—Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong repeated the message that police “are not the enemy” and “all lives matter.”

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‘All Lives Matter’ vs. ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Dueling LAPD Protests

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside the Los Angeles Police Department on Sunday to stage an “All Lives Matter” rally in support of police, who have come under increasing criticism from the “Black Lives Matter” movement in Los Angeles and around the country. A small “Black Lives Matter” counter-demonstration gathered opposite.

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