Joe Biden Denounces the Rich: ‘I’m Hot … I’m Mad, I’m Angry’

Vice President Biden Meets With Jewish Community Leaders In Davie, Florida
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A fired up Vice President Joe Biden unleashed a passionate speech today against the wealthy in America. He says they continue to enjoy record profits, while working people are still suffering depressed wages.

“Let me tell you something man, the tax code’s not fair, it’s simply not fair,” Biden said. “The wealthy aren’t paying their fair share.”

Biden delivered his speech during a visit to the Allegheny County Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as he considers a run for president. Biden’s speech parroted the fiery populist rhetoric made popular by Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders, instead of the sunny optimism that has characterized the Obama administration.

“Why in God’s name should a man and a woman work in this field still only making 50,000 bucks a year, pay at a higher rate than someone who makes tens of millions of dollars on Wall Street?” he thundered.

Biden pointed out that one percent of Americans currently owned 40 percent of the wealth, blaming economic policies in the last 25 years that favored the rich. He argued that if politicians only had the courage to tax the “so-called trust fund babies” it would be enough to offer everyone free community college.

“I’m hot, I acknowledged that, I’m mad, I’m angry,” he said, pointing to the poor economic status of the middle class families that he grew up with. He also defended labor unions for fighting for workers rights, encouraging them to continue organizing.

“You built the middle class, that’s not an exaggeration,” he said. “And as you’ve declined, the middle class has declined.”


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