Kim Davis, Prisoner of Conscience: Day Five/’Christians No Different Than ISIS’

Kimberly Davis Carter County Detention Center
Carter County Detention Center

Kim Davis begins day five of her open-ended incarceration by a federal Judge for her refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples in her Kentucky County.

In her ongoing saga, a revealing twist in the story occurred at the hands of an anonymous Twitter troll who took on Davis’s identity and fooled gay bloggers like Dan Savage and even a reporter for the New York Times. The fake Tweets demonstrate the ingrained discrimination gays and other elites hold against Bible-believing Christians.

A gay man using the Twitter handle @kimdavis917 began posting comments on Tuesday and quickly gained 1,000 followers. The Tweets he posted fit in with the Davis narrative that she is a martyr to her cause and her followers consider her situation at least analogous to other martyrs like Martin Luther King, Jr.

A slew of actual Davis supporters were fooled by the account, which was said to be maintained by her husband Joe. Fooled, also, were two reporters for the New York Times and Mother Jones who retweeted a letter supposedly written by Davis from jail who were especially delighted by a phony letter said to be from Davis in jail.

The letter included what could be a criminal forgery of her signature. It thanked Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Mike Huckabee for their support. And, feeding into the leftist meme about Davis and other Christians, the letter includes misspellings — “I sit here with my Bible (sic) close to my heart, comuning (sic) with the Lord” — along with self-aggrandizement — “I know I have been chosen for the highest purpose.”

The letter directs readers to a passage of the Bible that supposedly is about “various trials” but is in fact a passage against divorce and remarriage, which is a pointed reference to the leftist meme that Davis is a hypocrite for her multiple marriages. It was also a clue that the Twitter account was phony.

Davis’s lawyers wrote a cease and desist Tweet to the troll who shortly thereafter made known that the account was fake and turned the account into a pro-Hillary Clinton account. Besides forging Davis’s signature, Anita Staver of Liberty Counsel charges that the anonymous troll was “impersonating a public official”, which in some cases is against the law.

On Sunday, gay sex columnist and provocateur Dan Savage interviewed the Twitter troll. Savage admits he “was on of many people who fell for the Twitter account @kimdavis917.” He says, “The letter played into leftwing/elitist prejudices about religious rubes—tons of misspellings, dripping with self-pity, the persecution routine/complex—and liberal/progressive/elitist Twitter immediately took the bait.”

The troll tells Savage that he sees Christians as “one of our society’s biggest threats to progress” and that “…Christian believers are no different than ISIS.”

He admits that “Trolling is 100% mean-spirited,” however “you can’t be mean-spirited against something that is already mean-spirited.”

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