Drivers Beware: 9 Shootings in 10 Days on Interstate Near Downtown Phoenix

Shooting ABC 15
ABC 15

There have been nine shootings from an unidentified person or persons on I-10 in Phoenix over the past 10 days, and ABC 15 is currently investigating what appears to be a September 9 shooting that will bring the total to 10 shootings if police confirm it is tied to the string of incidents that preceded it.

ABC 15 reports that a September 9 shooting took place near I-10 and 35th Street, where “a white pickup truck” with a shattered passenger window was encircled by police.

Arizona’s Silent Witness program had been offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons behind the shootings, and they raised that reward to $20,000 on September 8.

There have been no fatalities from the shootings, but Fox News reports there was one injury when the shootings began in late August. That injury was the result of a piece of shattered glass striking a 13-year-old near the ear. By September 1 there had been four shootings, and CBS 5 quoted Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead telling reporters, “You should be concerned. We have some people or person shooting at moving vehicles on I-10. It has not ended in tragedy, but it could.”

The first four shootings were two vehicles struck on I-10 between 19th and 59th avenues, one on I-10 by 16th Street, and another at I-10 and 14th Avenue.

On September 8 a vehicle was shot at 5:20 a.m and another at 5:21 a.m. Both these incidents happened on I-10 between 35th and 43rd Avenues.

DPS Director Milstead addressed the new shootings on September 8 by saying, “It is just a matter of time, if this behavior continues, that we have tragedy on our roadways. To this date we have been fortunate enough not to have any serious injuries and nobody has been killed.”

The FBI, ATF, and local police are working with DPS officers and officials to pinpoint the name and location of the person or persons behind the shootings. The Berkshire Eagle reports that the shootings are currently being treated as “Domestic Terrorism Crimes.”

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