Domestic Terrorism


Democratic Pollster: The Republican Party ‘Is a Domestic Terror Group’

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi stated the Republican Party isn’t a political party, it is “a domestic terror group.” Amandi commented on the lack of push for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) by Republican


Terror-Affiliated Group Is Part of Coalition to Stop Trump Inauguration

Earth First! Journal describes itself as “the voice of the radical environmental movement,” and it is one of the 75 groups identified by Breitbart News within the #DisruptJ20 movement, which hopes to wreak havoc at this week’s inauguration of Donald Trump.

Demonstrators face the police during a protest infront of the US embassy on September 22, 2012 in Vienna. Protests against the film, which mocks Islam and was made by extremist Christians, have erupted across the world, leading to more than 50 deaths since the first demonstrations on September 11. AFP …

Austrian Intelligence Warns Of Domestic Islamic Radicalisation

The Austrian domestic intelligence agency has warned law makers that there could be a hot bed of Islamic radicalisation developing in the region of Styria. Director of the Federal Office for State Protection and Counter-terrorism (BVT), Peter Gridling is warning law


Exclusive: Breitbart/Gravis Poll: Hispanics Most Likely to Say U.S. Has No Obligation to Take in Refugees

A Breitbart/Gravis national security poll conducted on September 20, 2016 found Hispanic Americans significantly more likely to agree that officials and media should openly refer to radical Islamic terrorism and more likely than any other ethnic group, including White non-Hispanic Americans, to say the U.S. has no obligation to take in refugees from terror-linked countries.

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Obama’s Department of Justice Opening ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Office

Likely in response to the attack in a Charleston church where nine were murdered earlier this year, the Obama administration has announced a new office at the Department of Justice aimed at tracking and coordinating investigations into domestic terrorism. They are also teaming up with the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center in the process.

Shooting ABC 15

Drivers Beware: 9 Shootings in 10 Days on Interstate Near Downtown Phoenix

There have been nine shootings from an unidentified person or persons on I-10 in Phoenix over the past 10 days, and ABC 15 is currently investigating what appears to be a September 9 shooting that will bring the total to 10 shootings if police confirm it is tied to the string of incidents that preceded it.