Gov. Andrew Cuomo Responds To Failure Of NY Gun Control By Pushing Gun Control

Mayor Cuomo AP PhotoBebeto Matthews
AP/Bebeto Matthews

Following the ubiquitous failure of New York gun control displayed during the J’Ouvert Festival in Brooklyn on Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) suggested the solution is more gun control–particularly at the federal level–and said those who do not agree are “delusional.”

Cuomo made these comments after one of his ex-aides–43-year-old Carey Gabay–was caught in cross fire and shot in the head during one of the numerous shootings that coincided with the festival. Cuomo did not mention that gun-related violence was on a sharp rise long before Monday, demonstrating the utter failure of the gun controls contained in the 2013 SAFE Act. Rather, he described the SAFE Act as a mere component of a larger body of gun control that he believes needs to be passed at the federal level.

It is worth noting that the gun controls in the SAFE Act include firearm registration, bans on “assault rifles,” bans on “high capacity” ammunition magazines, and expanded background checks, among other things. What else is left for the federal government to do?

The SAFE Act was a dream come true for gun controllers who promised that background checks would reduce crime, that banning “assault rifles” would make us safer, and that “high capacity” magazines did not belong on American streets. But the dream has become a nightmare for law-abiding New Yorkers who are now watching the Big Apple join Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, New Orleans, St. Louis, and other cities as bastions for gun violence.

And what do all these cities have in common? Gun control and Democrat office holders.

Yet, Cuomo says more gun control is needed and he dismisses those who believe the failure of gun control proves otherwise.

According to the Times Union, Cuomo said, “We can protect the Second Amendment and legitimate gun owners, but we also need to protect people. How many young, innocent people have to die before this nation comes to its senses?”

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