Sabato on Hillary: ‘Stunning How Bad a Candidate She Has Been’

Friday on CNN, Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy for her inability to resolve the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server during her tenure at the State Department.

“For all of her positives, and all of her experience, and the rest of it, it is stunning how bad a candidate she has been. To take six months to stop the drip, drip, drip on the emails server, and it still won’t stop. But to take six months to do what some on her team said to do in the beginning, is remarkable. Look, she’s got plenty of time to recover. She could easily come back. But I have to say, over the past six months she has bombed as a candidate.”

(h/t RNC Research)

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