Arizona DPS Identifies ‘Person of Interest’ in Freeway Shootings

Arizona DPS Freeway Shootings abc 15

On September 11, Breitbart News reported that Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials had taken a “person of interest” into custody as a result of the investigation into freeway shootings near downtown Phoenix. On Saturday, officials identified the person as 19-year-old Oscar de la Torre Munoz, of Avondale, AZ, but were quick to point out that they believe multiple shooters–and multiple motives–could be involved.

AZ Central reports that DPS spokesman Bart Graves indicated de la Torre “was being held at Fourth Avenue Jail on suspicion of marijuana possession.” He said, “We’re just talking to [de la Torre] about a number of things, quite possibly this investigation.” ABC 15 reported that de la Torre made his first court appearance on September 12 at 5 a.m. and that he was informed at that time that “a second case” is now open against him. Details of that case are unknown.

During the course of being taken into custody, de la Torre complained that “officers had been aggressive with him, aggravating his back injury.”

Arizona DPS director Frank Milstead said he believes there is more than one person behind the 11 freeway shootings that have taken place since August 29. “It does not appear to be the same guy,” Milstead said. “I think we have three MOs. We have one that looks like road rage, we have the bullet ones, we have the projectile ones.’’

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