AZ DPS: Man Detained, Questioned For Phoenix Freeway Shootings Not A ‘Prime Suspect’

Phoenix Freeway Shooting ABC 15
ABC 15

Arizona Department of Public Safety officials say the “person of interest” they took in for questioning on Friday regarding the Phoenix freeway shootings is not a “prime suspect.”

Officials made clear the investigation into the freeway shootings is ongoing and that they still need the public’s support.

AZ Central previously reported that DPS took 19-year-old Oscar de la Torre Munoz into custody on September 11 for questioning regarding the freeway shootings. But late in the day on September 12 reports began trickling in that de la Torre was not a “prime suspect” and that the investigation into the shootings will continue.

According to KTAR News, AZ DPS director Frank Milstead put out a press release saying:

This investigation continues as we work to identify and assist in the prosecution of anyone involved in these series of shootings. We need the ongoing support, vigilance and patience of our community and the media as this is a very complex and ongoing investigation.

Breitbart News previously reported there have been 11 shootings on Phoenix freeways. The shootings began on August 29 and the most recent ones were on September 10. There has only been one minor injury tied to the shootings thus far–it was a cut a 13-year-old girl received when glass from a shattered windshield struck her by her right ear.

Director Milstead has been constant in expressing his belief that there is more than one person behind the freeway shootings. On September 12 Milstead said, “It does not appear to be the same guy. I think we have three MOs. We have one that looks like road rage, we have the bullet ones, we have the projectile ones.’’

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