Cho: We Are Being Punked — Trump Too Sexist, Racist and Dumb to Be Real


Tuesday on HuffPost Live, comedian and actress Margaret Cho said she is having a hard time believing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is for real.

Cho said, “The nightmare is we may see Planned Parenthood defunded and that is such a horrifying thought. I mean really horrifying. And I feel like  that gets less attention in the press than the perceived nightmare of Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is also nightmare. But Donald Trump is so—to me it’s so fake. It makes me think of when Joaquin Phoenix was deciding he wasn’t going to be an actor and he was going to be a rapper and than he started doing all these weird things and then everybody realized later it was a mockumentary … I feel like Ashton Kutcher is right about to step forward. I think we are being punked as a nation and a world. I hope that because I can’t imagine somebody as terrible, so racist, so sexist, so dumb not really losing any momentum either. Sort of fueled by all of this ignorance It can’t be a real politician can it?”

She added, “I can’t imagine someone who is so business conscious would really want to destroy his brand in that way. Which is really what we are seeing—this very very sort of large scale destruction of what is his brand. Or it’s some kind of a ruse. I think to maybe distract us from the real problem which is possibly shutting down Planned Parenthood. And sort of all of the things that come out of that this very systematized, systematic sexist that we are seeing. It’s a very strange sort of— I don’t know— a bait and switch. It’s a distraction.”

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