FBI, Clinton Aides Not Cooperating with Republican Senator’s Investigation

Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images
Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images

Republican Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley is getting frozen out of the federal government’s investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, by the Feds and also by Clinton’s top aides.

Grassley is not being sufficiently looped into the FBI and Department of Justice probe into Clinton’s private email use.

“The Justice Department is giving us less information than normal when they should be giving us more,” Grassley said Wednesday after news broke that the FBI managed to extract some of Clinton’s emails from her private server.

Why didn’t the FBI let Grassley, who is leading his own investigation, know that they were able to get some emails off the server, which was once thought to be wiped clean?

Clinton’s campaign and Clinton aide Huma Abedin have shown particular resentment toward Grassley’s investigative efforts. The Clinton camp seems to think it’s getting a better shake from federal investigators than from Grassley.

Grassley has been trumpeting links between Abedin’s State Department work and her work for the private corporate advisory firm Teneo Holdings, which was founded by a former Bill Clinton staffer, and for possibly accepting too much maternity pay.

“After the birth of her son, she took maternity leave. The IG had questions about the details of her leave, Huma answered,” said Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill. “There is a review ongoing. Anything beyond that is the product of partisan leaks with a clear agenda.”

Partisan leaks with a clear agenda? So that’s how the Clinton people are cooperating with the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee?

When Abedin’s lawyer directly accused Grassley in The New York Times of making “unfounded allegations” that hurt Abedin, Grassley’s office told Breitbart News that Abedin’s team has been “unresponsive” to the senator’s questions.

As for Teneo, Breitbart News reported Wednesday that Abedin helped recruit a Teneo executive on her State Department email account while on an official trip to Cambodia with Secretary of State Clinton.

So why isn’t Grassley getting the cooperation that his investigation deserves?