‘No One Helped Me’: Illegal Alien Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault

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Illegal alien Allen Aleman-Olvias allegedly assaulted a Denver motel clerk after luring her outside last week by claiming his room key wasn’t working — before shoving her into a laundry room and attempting to rape her. It took days for police to arrest him and only one media outlet in the entire country reported it.

“This was definitely an attempted rape. This was not just drunken fondling: it went well beyond that. I have bruises under my arms, he was holding my arms and pushed me into the table,” the victim told local news outlet FOX31. She escaped and locked herself in her office to call 911.

Local police, however, bungled the case from the start thanks to a series of miscommunications: While the victim said she made it clear she narrowly escaped sexual assault, the dispatcher simply wrote down “intoxicated party,” so police were unaware that an attempted rapist was on the loose, according to Glendale police Lt. Jamie Dillon. Responding officers escorted the man to his room, and didn’t take a statement from the victim.

Undeterred, Aleman-Olvias lurked in the stairwell next to the laundry room where he’d attacked the victim. As the frightened victim showed her boyfriend where the assault took place, they discovered him there and called police. Again, police did not arrest the illegal alien or take a statement from the victim. They ordered him off the property.

“He was waiting, he was waiting and he was sober this time. He was ready to hurt me,” the victim told FOX31. “No one helped me. No one helped me. They left me there to be attacked again, the police, my manager, Extended Stay America with no cameras. Everyone left me.”

But the heroic FOX31 communicated to police the victim’s insistence that her attempted rapist be arrested.

“It took FOX31 to get everyone to listen. He would’ve been loose to do it again, maybe worse,” the victim told the news outlet.

Unsurprisingly, detectives found Aleman-Olvias still at the hotel. The illegal alien, who ignored U.S. immigration laws, also ignored police who told him to leave the motel. He was charged with unlawful sexual contact and third degree assault, misdemeanors. Which, according to police, means it’s likely he won’t be deported. Had existing immigration laws simply been enforced, a 38-year-old motel clerk trying to scrape together a living in a bad economy wouldn’t have had to fend off an illegal alien rapist.

The Obama administration’s refusal to enforce existing immigration law while unlawfully doling out amnesty to illegal aliens is proving terrible for women and children. Breitbart News has extensively covered the barbaric rapes of women and children committed by illegal aliens.

Strangely, however, child rapists from the Third World roaming through our neighborhoods elicits virtually no media interest. Even FOX31, committed as it was to helping the terrified victim (who, feminists should note, called police immediately without waiting months to put a mattress on her back), treated the fact that Aleman-Olvias was an illegal alien as a interesting factoid, not a critical detail to a horrible case which never needed to happen.

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