Leahy Attacks ‘Ridiculous People’ Trying to Score Points with ‘Xenophobic’ Speeches

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” in discussing Pope Francis advocating for an immigration solution in the U.S. Congress, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) referenced the anti-immigration rhetoric on the right and described it as “xenophobic.”

Leahy said, “Then on the question of immigration —talk about bringing us together — my mother is a first generation American. My wife was a first generation American. We — it’s immigrants that make this country. Why don’t we come together in the Congress. It is ridiculous that people try to score points with xenophobic, anti-immigrant speeches. Let’s remember what made this country great. It’s a cliche to say we’re the great melting pot, but we are. Half of our fortune 500 companies were begun by immigrants. The jobs that are created by immigrants. Let’s appreciate and validate the differences in this country because it’s what makes us great. He gave messages that should appeal to everybody, not just Catholics, both believers and non-believers have got to realize, this is a man who speaks for our common humanity, what is best in both our country and in people. If the whole world listened to him, we would be such a better place.”

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