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Poll: Majority of Likely Voters Would Not Support a Muslim for President

Boys Study Koran AP PhotoPavel Rahman
AP PhotoPavel Rahman

A Rasmussen poll released September 24 shows that a majority of likely U.S. voters would not support a Muslim for President of the United States.

This poll was conducted September 22 and 23–just days after Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson drew a media backlash by stating that he did not believe a Muslim should be president.

It now appears the majority of likely U.S. voters agree with this position.

According to Rasmussen, 51 percent of likely U.S. voters would not vote for a Muslim for president. And only 28 percent said they would support a Muslim running for the nation’s highest office.

Moreover, 52 percent of likely U.S. voters said their friends and family members would not vote for a Muslim for president. At the same time, likely U.S. voters made clear that the issue is religion rather than race. Seventy-eight percent of likely U.S. voters said they would vote for a black candidate.

On September 20 The Hill reported that Carson told Meet The Press, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

The next day Rush Limbaugh said:

If you look into Sharia law, you will not find any consistency with the US Constitution.  Sharia law is the law which is used to behead women in Islamic countries who have been raped.  Sharia law is the reason women in Islamic countries can’t drive.  Sharia law is so inconsistent with the US Constitution Ben Carson could not be more right.  And the question he was asked was in that context.  ‘Well, do you believe that Islam is consistent with the Constitution?’  Well, Sharia law isn’t.

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