EXCLUSIVE: 26 Texas Leaders Endorse Carly Fiorina for President

AP Photo/Richard Shiro
AP Photo/Richard Shiro
Washington, DC

Twenty-six Texas leaders are endorsing GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. The move comes as Fiorina returns to Texas, her home state, to speak at the National Women’s Business Conference in San Antonio.

Former Texas Comptroller and Treasurer Susan Combs is leading the Texas leadership team for Fiorina.

“Carly Fiorina is strong, knowledgeable, and driven by a passion for her country and its future. I trust her to be the strong leader this nation so desperately needs.  She has the essential capacity to tell the truth and deliver it in a way that demonstrates her ability to turn this country around.  We need Carly Fiorina,” Combs said.

Former Deputy Comptroller Martin Hubert and Former President of the Texas Federation of Republican Women Carolyn Hodges are joining Combs in their support of Fiorina.

“Nations need honest and transparent leadership. Carly Fiorina not only has a vision for how our global economy can be led with excellence, she has the management skills to execute that vision. Her character and experience as an articulate leader will serve America well,” stated Hubert.

Hodges adds, “Carly Fiorina, a dynamic and passionate woman, would serve our great country by placing the U.S. on the proper course for the future.  She is skilled, brilliant, and motivated to move the U.S. to a better standing in our complicated world.  We should all be ready to stand with Carly Fiorina, a compelling candidate.”

Others supporting Fiorina in the Lone Star State are: Paula Mann, founder of Sunbelt Telecommunications; Carol Nichols, founder of Circle C Ventures; and Kristin Kaufum, Founder of Alignment Inc.

Texas Republican leaders Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne as well as Texas State Representative Patricia Harless are also joining the Texas Leadership team for Fiorina.

Members of Fiorina’s Texas Leadership Team:

Former Comptroller and Treasurer of Texas Susan Combs, Co-Chair

Susan Adzick, Vice President of Sales for McLane Company (Dallas)

Erin Botsford, CEO and Founder of The Botsford Group (McKinney)

Cathy Brock, Grassroots Republican Activist and Strategist (Houston)

Tricia Conover, Former Vice President of SAP (McKinney)

Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler, Co-CEO of Crossvault Capital Management (San Antonio)

Patricia Harless, Texas State Representative (Spring)

Cyndee Herrin, Land Developer (Celina)

Carolyn Hodges, Former President of Texas Federation of Republican Women (Houston)

Celeste Hubert, Political Strategist (Austin)

Martin Hubert, Former Deputy Comptroller of Texas (Austin)

Andi Hughes, Republican Activist (Dallas)

Kristin Kaufman, Founder of Alignment Inc. (Dallas)

Paula Mann, Founder and Former CEO of Sunbelt Telecommunications (Celina)

Maribess Miller, Former Managing Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers (Dallas)

Buddy Minett, Real Estate Broker (Frisco)

Cynthia Montgomery, Former Texas Banker (Dallas)

Carla Moran, Grassroots Republican Activist and Strategist (Lubbock)

Karen Newton, Auxiliary Chairman of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (San Antonio)

Carol Nichols, Founder of Circle C Ventures (Dallas)

Julie Parsley, Former Public Utility Commissioner of Texas and Texas Solicitor General (Austin)

Linda Spina, Former IBM Sales Executive (McKinney)

John Tate, Attorney (San Antonio)

Toby Tate, Community Leader and Philanthropist (San Antonio)

Beth Van Duyne, Mayor of Irving (Irving)

Kay Weeks, Realtor (Dallas)


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