Michelle Obama: I Would Tell Bill Clinton to ‘Follow His Passion’ if Hillary Won

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Comedian Stephen Colbert put First Lady Michelle Obama in an awkward situation during her appearance on his show Monday night, by asking what she would say to Bill Clinton, if he was the successor to her position as First Lady.

During his conversation, Colbert recalled that First Lady Laura Bush had left a letter for Michelle Obama in the White House when she first arrived, and asked her if she would enact a similar gesture for spouse of the next president.

After specifically stating that he was not naming names, Colbert asked. “If we have a female president next, would you leave a letter for her husband?”

Michelle smiled awkwardly as the crowd applauded and cheered.

Colbert jumped in, “What would you say … what’s the thing he needs to know most about the job.”

“I would say, ‘Follow your passion, just be you,’” Obama replied.

“I think he does,” Colbert deadpanned.

“I think he would,” Obama replied.

“I mean that in the best possible way,” Colbert said.

“It wasn’t me. I didn’t say it, I’m just sitting here. I’m sitting here minding my business,” Michelle Obama said defensively.

Colbert then admitted that he had “never met Carly Fiorina’s husband” although it was clear that the pair was discussing Bill Clinton.