White House Reacts To Oregon College Shooting With Gun Control Talking Points


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest reacted to the news that there was a college shooting by promoting the administration’s support of gun control.

Earnest was informed by reporters of the shooting during the White House press briefing. They then asked him about the administration’s position on gun control.

In response, he insisted that President Obama still held gun control efforts at the top of his list of priorities, but that it was up to Congress to address it, arguing that there was bipartisan support for gun control laws.

“The president has been quite candid about how this is and has been a source of frustration for him,” Earnest said. He also insisted the “vast majority of the American people” agreed with Obama on some element of gun control but that “fundamental change” in the country was necessary for political action.

Earnest did not, however, take the opportunity to react to the report or offer sympathy for the victims when he was informed about the shooting during the briefing.


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