WATCH: Roseburg Veteran Rejects Demand for Pro-Gun Sheriff to Resign

Roseburg Vet
Screenshot: YouTube

The anti-gun Brady Campaign called for Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin to resign over his unwavering support of the gun rights, even in the wake of last week’s Umpqua Community College shooting. Attacks from the liberal media against Hanlin began almost immediately.

A Roseburg resident and veteran named John tells Breitbart News exclusively that he considers the call for Hanlin to resign “a huge mistake for Mr. Hanlin and for Douglas County.”

Like Sheriff Hanlin, John is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment who believes it’s the protector of all the other Constitutional rights.

John told Breitbart News he finds the politicization of the UCC shooting to be “disgusting” and an attempt to “throw our county sheriff under the bus.” John said he believes the real issue isn’t the guns themselves, but mental health and the danger of gun free zones.


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