Ben Carson: Gun-Free Campuses Lead to Danger

CArson gettyimages_464489058

On October 6 the Christian Science Monitor published an interview with Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson in which he stressed that campus carry is an expression of liberty and warned that banning guns from campuses leads to danger.

These words come in the wake of a heinous attack on the gun-free campus of Umpqua Community College, in which a gunman was able to shoot repeatedly without the threat of an immediate armed response.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Carson suggested gun-free campuses invite trouble rather than diminish it. And he said, “[Gunmen] aren’t likely to go into a place where they are likely to get shot.”

When Carson made these points, he was not just talking about colleges or universities, but of K-12 schools as well.

In addition to the dangers posed by gun-free campuses, Carson also stressed that the right to be armed is part of our freedom and said “legal guns…are one of our liberties.”

Carson also took time to tell the Monitor he opposes an “assault weapons” ban because such a ban would leave the citizenry in danger of facing tyranny instead of keeping them in a position where they could defend their lives against criminals or “fight back…against an aggressive government.”

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