Hillary Clinton’s Cloud Backup Company Hands Over Equipment to FBI

REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau
REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau

Yesterday we learned that Hillary Clinton’s home-brew email server was using an online backup service called Datto, Inc. to create copies of her data – a hair-raising proposition, given that Clinton’s server improperly contained classified and Top Secret material, made even more alarming by the fact that Clinton’s computer company didn’t realize her machine was still communicating with Datto until shortly before they surrendered it to the FBI.

Hillary Clinton’s server was stored by a computer company in Denver called Platte River Networks, while Datto is based in Connecticut.

Wednesday afternoon, Datto announced it had turned over a “hardware device” to the FBI, along with all Clinton emails the company had in its possession.

“With the consent of our client and their end user, and consistent with our policies regarding data privacy, yesterday, Tuesday, October 6, Datto delivered a hardware device to the FBI containing all backed up data related to Platte Rivers Networks’ client known to be in its possession,” said the company.

The “end user” would presumably be either Hillary Clinton or an entity under her control, such as the “Clinton Executive Service Corporation,” which pops up in many stories about how Platte River Networks was contracted to take care of the email server.

Politico reports that “While Clinton’s representatives and Platte River only asked Datto to provide an on-site back-up of her messages, they discovered in August that Datto had also been backing up her emails off-site in a cloud.”

Another false statement by Hillary Clinton and her representatives bites the dust! Presumably they’ll all claim they forgot they hired Datto to make offsite backups – which is, to restate a point that cannot be made often enough, the sort of excuse the Democrats’ beloved Leviathan State would not accept from the proprietors of a mom & pop grocery store during a tax audit. We’re supposed to accept that level of professed negligence and carelessness from the Secretary of State and would-be President, though.

Platte River is also reportedly turning over a Datto backup system, described to the Daily Caller by a company spokesman as “a simple device that sat next to the server.”

Everybody just forgot about that machine too, huh? Platte River’s spokesman explained to the Daily Caller that only Clinton’s server was originally turned over to the FBI because “that’s all that was asked for.” No one told the G-men about that Datto backup unit, so they didn’t know to ask for it, so they didn’t get it.

National security and government accountability are in the very best of hands. Just ask Hillary Clinton, who has lately been bragging that she’s the most transparent politician in history.


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