Jeb Bush’s PAC Erases Carly Fiorina From GOP Race


A new Internet-ad by Jeb Bush’s independent PAC erases fourth-place challenger Carly Fiorina from the GOP’s 2016 line-up.

The 15-second ad shows Bush’s eight male rivals — Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, etc. — but noticeably excludes the one woman in the race.

That’s unexpected, because Fiorina currently leads fifth-place Bush, 8.9 percent to 7.1 percent, in RCP’s average of primary polls, following Fiorina’s highly rated performance in the GOP’s second debate.

“Maybe Jeb is just trying to forget the last debate?,” said Sarah Isgur Flores, Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager. “Or maybe they can’t read New Hampshire and Iowa polls? Who knows?”


The ad touts Bush’s two-term budget record in Florida, where the governor had unusually strong power relative to the weak legislature.

“Who’s toughest on spending?” the ad begins. “Fox News did the analysis, and Jeb Bush had the best record,” the ad claims.

Bush’s “Right to Rise” PAC can’t coordinate its message with the Bush campaign, according to federal law.

When asked about the ad, Bush’s press secretary, Tim Miller, referred Breitbart to the PAC.  The PAC’s press secretary declined to comment.


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