Lieberman: ‘Very Disappointed’ With Obama, Syria ‘Test Case’ Of What Happens ‘When America Doesn’t Lead’

Former Senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman (I-CT) said he was “very disappointed” with President Obama’s foreign policy, and argued Syria is “a test case” of what happens “when America doesn’t lead” on Monday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Lieberman stated that the Syrian Free Army was not filled with extremists before arguing that both the Obama administration and European governments “did essentially nothing except give rhetorical support.” He continued, “if you wanted a test case of what happen[s] when America doesn’t lead, even though the president is saying he’s not leading because he doesn’t want to get us back into an on the ground military operation in the Middle East, this is it. I mean, the country has gone to pieces.”

Lieberman added “what’s different about Putin and us right now is that he is acting and creating effects on the ground, which we have not done.” He also criticized the Iran deal before arguing that even Putin “would have thought that there would have been some more resistance, even rhetorical, instead of basically the Obama administration pulling out…throwing up the white flag.”

He also said of President Obama, “on foreign policy, and defense policy, I’m very disappointed.”

Liberman also argued Obama is “less of a failure” economically, because the economy “has recovered,” but there are “still a lot of holes in it, and a lot more to be done.” He continued that Congress and the president need to pass fiscal policy to help the economy.

Lieberman also discussed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness. He said that in his dealings with Clinton, he has “found her to be honest and trustworthy.” Lieberman added that “some of the stuff that’s happened on the email really are challenges that she’s got to respond to.” He further predicted that the email situation will “haunt her”.

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