WATCH: UCC Students Have More Sense on Guns and Security than Democrats

Lee Stranahan/YouTube
Lee Stranahan/YouTube

This might restore a little of your hope for America’s future: In an exclusive conversation with Breitbart News, three students from Umpqua Community College (UCC) show more common sense about guns and safety on college campuses than mainstream Democratic politicians.

Monday was the first day that UCC students returned to the campus rocked by evil nearly two weeks ago, and the students that we spoke with showed a non-political, common sense view on issues like campus security and the protection guns provide.

The students we spoke with—Zach, Mo, and Lucas—are not campus conservatives but regular non-political young people with no built-in animosity towards President Barack Obama. All three said, “the guns don’t kill people.”

Although their views would probably get them labeled as pro-gun or even “pro-massacre activists” by the liberal-leaning media, the fact is that these are the real young people of Douglas County that the MSM ignores.

Listen to their views:

On Returning to School: “Seeing all those big American flags and those people waving at us… it’s really nice. That’s what we need right now. We need support.”

On the Politicalization of the UCC Shooting: “I didn’t like the fact that the political views took a huge chunk out of us, because they just wanted to take the statements for their gun control things—either they wanted more guns, they wanted less guns… It’s not what I figured we needed…”

On President Obama:  “I appreciate what he said about us, that we were a good community—that was awesome. But the fact that he turned it around on us and brought it to his political view again—I thought was wrong.”

On Gun Free Zones & Security Guards: “It is, in Oregon, legal to have a gun if you’re a security guard on campus, but Umpqua Community College does not believe in the security guards having a gun… If he was armed, it could have possibly saved lives.”

On the Media: “They blow it out of proportion. The media takes exactly what they want to hear and what they want everyone else, besides us, to hear… They use us as their puppets.”

“They are like vultures. They find the dead thing, they go to it, and they leave.”

Watch the whole interview here.


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