Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Hillary ‘Anti-Mother,’ Gowdy ‘Doing a Good Job’

Patricia Smith, whose son, Sean was killed in the Benghazi attack stated Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is “anti-mother” and Benghazi Select Committee Chairman Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is “doing a good job” on Tuesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Smith said, “Benghazi was her territory. She allowed it to happen. She did not give the security over there. Everything — this was her bailiwick. She was the State Department. Now, she caused all of this to happen, why shouldn’t she have to give an answer? I want to know what happened there. She promised me when the caskets came in in Washington, DC she promised me to my face that she would call and tell me what happened, because I don’t know exactly what happened. She has never called. Her office, not only has not called, but they gave out information that I was not to know anything because I am not a member of the immediate family. As far as I’m concerned, Hillary is anti-mother. She will not give me an answer to anything. She still stands on, as far as I know, it’s still the video that caused everything, because no one has told me any different.”

Smith added, “Why did she stop the security guards from going in there? They told me personally that if they would be allowed to go, and they were told to stand down, if they would be allowed to go, my son would be alive. Now, I want Hillary to tell me why this is not so.”

Smith also stated, “She’s got to let me know. She has got to. I am the mother, or I was the mother. She wasn’t. Why does she know and I can’t find out about my son? Yes, it’s only been three years. How long is it going to take before I find out something? Somebody in the government should let me know something.”

She concluded, “Trey Gowdy told me that he’d give me answers once this thing is done. I’m waiting for those answers. I think he’s doing a good job. I think he’s trying to find answers. I think that Hillary and her department ought to stop sitting on the pot, and give answers to some of these things instead of saying, oh, it’s not my fault.”

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