Exclusive — Huckabee on ‘Simply Bizarre’ Democrat Debate: A ‘Liberal Circus’


After the first Democratic debate Tuesday night, it’s clear the anti-gun, environmentalist, crazy wing has taken over the Democrat asylum.

Socialist Bernie Sanders was attacked for being too conservative on guns. Martin O’Malley was attacked for enforcing the law in a violent, dangerous city. Hillary even called herself a “Washington outsider,” who was “feared by Iran.” It was beyond backwards—it was simply bizarre.

It was a liberal circus with candidates jockeying so aggressively to out-flank each other, they nearly fell off the left side of the stage. More moderate Jim Webb would have been left to himself on the stage.

The bombastic climate change rhetoric was especially nuts. Forget ISIS beheadings, Iran, or a Middle East arms race, the biggest threat facing our nation is a sunburn. According to the candidates, we must immediately abandon our homes, jobs, cars, and air conditioning—or risk engulfing American communities in a solar Armageddon!

With today’s Left, keeping Americans safe and killing our enemies is “uncool.” Republicans were repeatedly attacked for wanting to kill terrorists and defeat radical Islam. On immigration, everyone pandered with amnesty promises and ObamaCare benefits for illegal immigrants.

Bernie Sanders sounded like Santa Claus with his repeated call for free toys, free college, free healthcare, and free lunches. Hillary Clinton’s historical account of her State Department tenure made her sound like Winston Churchill. Former Secretary of the Navy (under Reagan) Jim Webb sounded more like a Republican than many of our congressional leaders in Washington. One has to applaud his recognition that America faces threats beyond the global thermostat.

At times, many thought we were watching a salacious, Berkeley University student council debate, but unfortunately, this IS the modern-day Democratic Party. For those of us who thought it was impossible to be more liberal than President Obama, last night we were proved wrong. Who knew Obama was so conservative?

It was appropriate to finish the debate with a question on marijuana because liberals are smoking it if they believe their policies will save this country.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is a Republican candidate for president.


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