Jeb: Dem Debate About ‘Who Could Get Further Left’ Policies ‘Will Only Help the Wealthy’

Republican presidential candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush criticized the Democratic presidential debate for being a challenge of “who could get further to the left” and promoting policies that “will only help the wealthy” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Jeb said of the debate, “there wasn’t a lot of challenging going, on other than there were — the challenge was who could get further to the left. I mean, if you counted up the amount of money being spent last night it was in the trillions of dollars. And it was basically a validation of the failed economic policies of Barack Obama, and the miserable foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and no one seemed to — other than maybe Jim Webb occasionally, very few — there was very little discussion about any disagreement, and I think doubling down on this failure is not the way to go for our country.

He added, “the rhetoric is harsh left, and the simple fact is, 6 million more people are living in poverty today, than the day Barack Obama got elected, and the disposable income is down $2,000. Workforce participation rates are lower than they were in 1977, and to continue down this path will only help the wealthy. The wealthy are doing great. I worry about people that are struggling in the middle.”

Jeb further argued, “we have the benefit now of all this philosophy of offering free things to people not working.”

Jeb also discussed Hillary Clinton’s emails, stating, “the partisans in that Vegas crowd were all cheering, but that’s a small tiny fraction of the American people. If you look at any of the numbers, Hillary Clinton’s problem is that no one trusts her, because she’s not been forthcoming, she’s not told the truth. The email issue is an issue of national security. She put her political ambitions ahead of the national security interests of this country. Hackers can get into any place, even into our own secure servers in the federal government, but to be able to have a private server and not expect people to — with classified information going over those servers, I mean, this is something that she has to come clean on, and she’s not done it. There’s an FBI investigation. I mean, this is not finished just because [Senator] Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says that it has.”

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