Black Lives Matter Group Referenced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren Idolizes Terrorist

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Leaders of a prominent Black Lives Matter group posted a photo of themselves paying homage to Assata Shakur, the convicted cop killer who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. A prominent picture of leaders of Millennial Activists United (MAU) shows them wearing “Assata Taught Me” shirts. MAU’s “If I die in police custody…” meme was recently referenced by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a speech on racial justice.

The connection is just another example of Black Lives Matter’s fealty to the domestic terrorist who is a key inspiration to the anti-law enforcement activist group.

Assata Shakur is a convicted cop killer and prison escapee who is a wanted criminal living in Cuba. Shakur was part of a criminal offshoot of the Black Panther Party called the Black Liberation Army and is the first woman to make the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Terrorists list under her real name, JoAnne Chesimard. Black Lives Matter pays homage to “Queen of the Black Liberation Army” at every event they do.

The “Assata Taught Me” shirts seen in the photo are a significant, recurring theme in the Black Lives Matter movement that has gone largely unreported in the whitewashed mainstream media accounts of the group, despite the fact that the group frequently and publicly proclaims its love and respect for the terrorist.

As Breitbart News reported, the Black Lives Matter movement bragged about supporting Shakur on a Facebook page the same day a NYPD officer was murdered, saying:

Today, May 2nd is the anniversary of Assata Shakur’s capture and the murder of Zayd Shakur.

It is also the 10th anniversary of the FBI declaring Assata a domestic terrorist and placing the $1million bounty on her head.

Over the past year we have seen the movement and people at large elevating Assata worldwide chanting the excerpt from her letter and proudly wearing Assata Taught Me sweatshirts.

Today as #‎BlackSpring actions, rallies and gatherings begin to spring up in more than fifty cities across the country we ask that people take a moment to uplift our sister Assata Shakur by posting on social media how Assata has inspired them and why she is important to the current Black Lives Matter movement.

The FundRazr page for MAU features leaders Brittany Ferrell and Alexis Templeton in a photo, both wearing Assata Taught Me shirts. As the page says:

Brittany & Alexis are grassroots organizers in Ferguson, MO, working on the ground since the uprisings in response to the murder of Michael Brown. This fundraiser will provide funds for legal assistance and support for them as the [sic] face state prosecution.

Last December, it was announced that Ms. Ferrell had gotten engaged to Templeton, a woman she met at the Ferguson protests.

The two were married at St. Louis City Hall the same month.

MAU is an active and disruptive group. In August, the group bragged about shutting down traffic on Missouri’s I-70.

One of the group’s most high-profile actions involved posting videos of black women saying what would happen if they died in police custody, a reference to the now-debunked claims about a woman named Sandra Bland whose death in a Texas jail was ruled a suicide.

In this video, a woman says, “If I die in police custody, burn this bitch down.”

This echoes the “If I die in police custody, burn EVERYTHING DOWN” chant that Breitbart News reported was shouted at the group’s shutdown of Netroots Nation.

MAU recently gave a shoutout to Sen. Warren for repeating the meme in her speech on race that the left widely hailed.

A call to Sen. Warren’s office asking about her position on Assata Shakur went unanswered.


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