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Colin Kaepernick Raised $20K for Group That Honors Cop-Killer

NFL national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick has announced a donation of $20,000 for a charity that celebrates convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur as part of his pledge to donate one million dollars for social justice causes.

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Walmart Selling Black Lives Matter Shirts with ‘Bulletproof’ on Them

Walmart is selling Black Lives Matter clothing and other items amid calls to designate the movement as a hate or terrorist effort. The retailer has banned sales of items bearing a Confederate flag, and an “All Lives Matter” bumper sticker saying it was “offensive.” Some of the Black Lives Matter clothing items also have the word “Bulletproof” on them.


Kellogg Foundation’s Director of Racial Equity Wanted Castro to ‘Rest in Power’

With the Kellogg Company’s announcement that they pulled their advertising from Breitbart News because Breitbart isn’t “aligned with our values,” many consumers might wonder what those values are. The company’s namesake nonprofit organization, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, offers the best glimpse into the cereal giant’s beliefs; and a look at the writings and social media postings of the foundation’s Director of Racial Equity reveals expressions of sympathy for the murderous communist dictator Fidel Castro and antipathy towards police.


Intel Firm: Even More Radical Sect of Black Lives Matter Emerges

As violence continues to occur in and around Black Lives Matter demonstrations, one cyber security intelligence firm argues that America is witnessing an unmistakable trend of further radicalization within the leftist grassroots movement.


Illegal Alien Activists Shielded By San Francisco Sheriff

Members of the illegal alien activist group Causa Justa :: Just Cause were shielded from questions by a San Francisco sheriff’s deputy Tuesday, after the group celebrated their victory in getting sanctuary city laws expanded in San Francisco.

Assata Shakur

Black Lives Matter Wants to Push Socialist Sanders Even Farther Left

As Bernie Sanders attempts to gain the black vote in his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination, he is encountering resistance from some radical black activists for his recent statements opposing reparations for slavery and his vote as a congressman to extradite Black Lives Matter hero, the convicted terrorist murder Assata Shakur.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) meets with Reverend Al Sharpton at Sylvia's Restaurant on February 10, 2016 in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. The meeting comes after a strong victory for Senator Sanders in the New Hampshire primary.

Protesters Disrupt Mayor Ed Lee’s Inauguration

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s second inauguration Friday was met with shouts and boos from protesters criticizing Lee for the creeping gentrification in his city and calling for Police Chief Greg Suhr to step down over growing tensions between the police department and the black community.

Mayor Ed Lee (Christian Petersen / Getty)

Washington Post Columnist Goes after Breitbart Contributors over Missouri Reporting

Courtland Milloy took to his regular column in the Metro Section of the Washington Post this morning to attack two Breitbart contributors for their reporting on the ongoing racial meltdown at the University of Missouri. Milloy seemed incensed that Ben Shapiro and Lee Stranahan question the evidence of racism at MU and the motivation of the demonstrators.


ALL IN: Democrats Support Black Lives Matter Presidential Town Hall

The Democratic National Committee has formally invited the anti-police Black Lives Matter to host a presidential town hall. It’s the latest move by the Democrats to kowtow to a movement whose hero Assata Shakur is currently on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list.

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Black Lives Matter Group Referenced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren Idolizes Terrorist

Leaders of a prominent Black Lives Matter group posted a photo of themselves paying homage to Assata Shakur, the convicted cop killer who is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list. A prominent picture of leaders of Millennial Activists United (MAU) shows them wearing “Assata Taught Me” shirts. MAU’s “If I die in police custody…” meme was recently referenced by Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren in a speech on racial justice.

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