Stall: Little Increase In ObamaCare Enrollments Expected Next Year


To the surprise of no one, and despite the fact that it is mandatory, ObamaCare enrollments have stalled out. Next year the Department of Health and Human Services expects fewer than 1 million new enrollees. This will bring the number of people enrolled through the private exchanges to just 10 million. And that’s if the government is telling us truth. The Obama Administration has lied before about these enrollment figures.

ObamaCare sucks. If you are young and healthy, you are paying a artificially-high monthly premium with a massively high deductible for a bunch of services you will never use. It is the worst deal in the history of worst deals, and it would not surprise me if enrollment figured actually start to reverse at some point.

In fact, they already have. At the end of the 2015 sign up period in February, the enrollment number was 11.7 million. That number dipped to the current 9.1 million after a full million enrollees were lost because they couldn’t provide the documentation necessary to qualify for subsidies. In other words, ObamaCare was too expensive without government help so the enrollees bolted.

Outside of that number, 400,000 couldn’t prove they were American citizens. The rest just stopped paying their premiums, probably because they figured out what a rip-off ObamaCare is.

It is only going to get worse. ObamaCare premiums are expected to continue skyrocketing. And why wouldn’t they? Only the sick are signing up. For healthy Americans like myself who lost their affordable catastrophic plans, ObamaCare is nothing more than a massive, unaffordable tax for something I do not need.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 21 million will enroll by 2016.

That sounds ludicrous, and that’s likely why 58% of Americans fear government corruption more than anything else.


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