ObamaCare’s Numbers Still Don’t Add Up

ObamaCare apologists figure they have a fairly low hurdle to clear in order to keep the program alive, bureaucratic inertia being what it is. They only have to keep public discontent below a certain boiling point, to prevent a political tsunami from rippling forth and sweeping ObamaCare away.

AP/Don Ryan

Florida Beats Covered California in Obamacare Signups

Despite the fact that California, with 38.8 million residents, has virtually double the number of the state of Florida, which holds 19.9 million, Covered California, the California health-insurance exchange, has been surpassed by Florida’s as the largest in the nation.

Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Atkisson: Covered California Rife with Fraud, Chaos

Investigative reporter Sharly Atkisson, who uncovered key details of Operation Fast and Furious and the Benghazi scandal, now reports at the Daily Signal that Covered California, the Obamacare health care exchange established by the State of California, is not the success story that boosters claim, but is rather rife with fraud, chaos, and failure.

Covered California