Davi: Trump Fights Against Media Lies the Way Romney Wouldn’t

Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images
Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

I am currently in Canada performing, and in my downtime I love navigating all the networks and cable news shows to see what the pundits and candidates are saying. Unfortunately, the hotel where I’m staying only has CNN. So, of course, being a news junkie, I have it on in my room constantly. From what I’m seeing, it looks like Donald Trump is being attacked from several fronts.

Yesterday morning, I watched Allisyn Camerota’s interview with Trump. The usual grilling ensued, which was fine, but then she kept stressing a certain point about something Trump had said about Afghanistan. On its face, it seemed like an honest question, but then I started to sense something else at work. A couple of hours later it all fell into place. CNN, along with much of the media and establishment, is doing everything in its power to paint Trump into a corner. They are all trying to discredit him any way they can. What continued throughout the day was a biased attack on Trump for really minor issues. They are desperate, and one can see their vitriol and conniving.

What CNN was doing was exactly the technique they applied to Mitt Romney during the second presidential debate in 2012. Let me take you back to that moment. Candy Crowley lifted a transcript of President Obama’s response to the Benghazi attack, nullifying Romney’s assertion that the President and his administration had initially led the American people to believe that the attack was caused by a YouTube video that was adverse to the Prophet Muhammad. Do you all remember that? As Romney confronted the President, Obama said, “Get the transcript!” Then Crowley lifted a paper in her hand as if it were the Ten Commandments brought down from Mount Sinai by Moses. After she backed up his assertion, Obama said, “Can you say that a little louder, Candy!”

The whole country knew of the administration’s false narrative about the attack and the President’s inability to define what had happened as an act of terrorism committed by radical Islam. We witnessed the media abetting the deliberate misrepresentation of the facts to the American people, but by now we’ve come to expect that from them. The bigger issue was that it went unanswered by Romney. Romney, a terrific person who might have made a great president, didn’t parry this obvious deception. I would have looked at Candy Crowley, then back at the President, then back at Crowley and asked, “Did you guys rehearse this?” I would have pummeled the deceit. But Romney was for some reason crippled at that moment and did not confront them on this point even later, after he had a week to think about it. I actually called and advised some in his campaign that he should find an opening in the next debate and set the record straight. But nothing came of it. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. This more than anything lost the debate and the election for Mitt.

Now CNN is viciously attacking Trump over a couple of things that are nowhere near as blatantly false or subversive as the garbage the media and administration sold us about Benghazi, keeping your doctor with Obamacare, Hillary’s email scandal, or Planned Parenthood. The orchestrated feeding frenzy against Trump is so transparent it’s shocking. How can the media equate statements by Trump, that have a nuance which may be misconstrued, with the continued cover-ups and deceptions we have been subjected to by the same media sharks and politicians falling over themselves to protect Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry? If they spent one quarter of the time scrutinizing these others, we would have a much more honest government.

The brilliance of Trump’s campaign is his ability to expose and combat the dangerous and subversive hypocrisy of not only the media, but also the political establishment. The thrill up the leg Chris Matthews and many others felt with President Obama has now been replaced with a chill up the spine for media pundits, political consultants, and the decayed establishment. The GOP establishment will find itself on the “dust heap of history” unless it embraces the triangulation Trump is able to orchestrate not for the good of any political party, but for the very survival of our country.


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