RNC: Biden Not Getting In Is Good For Us, We Have A Better Shot At Hillary Clinton

Biden quite Getty
Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Preibus says Vice President Joe Biden’s decision not to enter the presidential fray is good for the party, because Republicans have a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

“The Vice President’s decision not to enter the 2016 race is a major blow for Democrats, who now will almost certainly be saddled with their unpopular and scandal plagued front-runner Hillary Clinton,” Preibus said in a statement first provided to Breitbart News.

“Vice President Biden was the most formidable general election candidate the Democrat Party could have fielded, and his decision not to challenge Hillary Clinton greatly improves our chances of taking back the White House. With each revelation about her growing email scandal or conflicts of interest at her State Department, Hillary Clinton is getting more beatable by the day,” Preibus said.

Republicans are happy about Biden’s decision. The vice president announced Wednesday that he will not pursue the presidency, noting that he is too late at this point to take the necessary steps to mount a proper challenge.

America Rising chairman Matt Rhoades said that the prospect of Biden’s running was a blow to Clinton.

“When Secretary Clinton launched her campaign in April, the idea of anyone emerging as a serious challenger to her was unthinkable,” Rhoades said. “After more than six months of never-ending scandals and negative headlines, even the idea of Vice President Biden’s potential candidacy said more about Secretary Clinton than it did about Biden. America Rising will continue to hold Clinton accountable for her failed record and lack of vision for the future of our country.”