Woman Escapes Attempted Rape by Biting Off Assailant’s Tongue

Charleston County Sheriff's Office
Charleston County Sheriff's Office

A South Carolina woman fought off her would-be rapist by biting off his tongue.

The woman, 33, told police that someone knocked on her door several times, but each time she opened the door no one appeared. However, the last time she opened the door, a male teenager brandishing a knife jumped into the home and pushed her back inside.

The woman stated that the teenager forced her to the ground and punched her repeatedly, all the time asserting, “Stop fighting, and I won’t hurt you.” Forcing her upstairs to her bedroom, he attempted to tear off her shorts, but she kicked him in the groin, prompting him to scream, “Now you have to die!”

Then he made a big mistake; he forced his tongue into her mouth.

The woman recalled that she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.” Escaping by running downstairs while still holding the tongue in her mouth, she spit it out on the kitchen floor, jumped in her car, and drove to a business close to her home to call police.

The teen was found by police at a Waffle House because his mother had called 911 seeking medical assistance for her son, who was missing his tongue. He was sent to Trident Hospital, where doctors may or may not have reattached his tongue, which was packed in ice at the crime scene.

Last February, a British woman also bit off a rapist’s tongue; Adele Barber, 29, was attacked while walking home from her doctor’s office by a man who accosted her in an alleyway. As she explained to ITV’s This Morning, “He tried to kiss me and forced his tongue into my mouth. I thought, right, this left him vulnerable,” she said. “I was just going to bite down as hard as I can, it will show it’s not consensual in any way, shape or form, get as much DNA as I can and try and cause enough pain to get this guy off me.”

She was correct; police used the DNA to convict Ferdinand Manila on three sexual assaults.


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