Brooks: ‘Certain Psychosis,’ ‘Republicans Remain Obsessed With’ Benghazi


New York Times columnist David Brooks argued, “Republicans remain obsessed with” and “there’s a certain psychosis that goes through people’s minds” on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Brooks said that in the Benghazi hearing, “Nothing was learned. We learned that the Republicans can’t stump Hillary Clinton. She was composed, gave a lot of the same testimony she’s given before. This thing has been going on forever. And so nothing happened, really. And so that’s good news for her. She — her composure was excellent. Congressmen do what congressmen do. And so it was a big nothing burger.”

Brooks continued, “And why the Republicans remain obsessed with this, at a time when the nation of Iraq has ceased to exist, that Syria barely exists, there’s turmoil spreading throughout the Middle East, if you want to attack Hillary Clinton, it seems to me she was secretary of state at a time of deterioration in actual substantive grounds, maybe that would be a good subject. But there’s a certain psychosis that goes through people’s minds, especially about scandals, but Clinton scandals, where they — where something smells, and they think there must be something big, and they imagine there’s about to be some big revelation that’ll destroy their careers. But, since 1991, that has never happened, and the critics have always overshot the mark, and ended up helping the candidate. And that’s what happened.”

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